What a Great Deal!

All targets for lessons at American Shooting Centers are included in the lesson rate. Unlike most Instructors, you will have no additional target fees at the end of your lesson.

NSCA Shotgun Lessons
All lesson prices listed below include targets for American Shooting Centers.

If you would like to schedule a lesson at another range that you are a member of, please contact me discuss scheduling and pricing.

Range fees may apply depending on the range and your membership status.

Shotgun Shells are not provided. You will be responsible to bring your own shotgun shells. I recommend 4 boxes of shells per hour of lesson. Please make sure you purchase the correct gauge of shell for your gun. I recommend a 2-3/4”, 7/8oz, #8 shell for 20g and a 2-3/4”, 1oz, #8 for 12g. These are good all-around shells for sport shooting. All shells must be #7.5 or #8 shot for sporting clays, 5 stand and trap. #8 and #9 are recommended for skeet. Most ranges do not allow any shot larger than #7.5 for clay shooting (ex.  6, 5, 4, buckshot, etc. are not allowed). Shells should be 2-3/4” length and a shot weight of 7/8oz-1oz for 20g and 1oz-1-1/8oz for 12g. Please contact me if you have any questions about shells.

Individual Lessons (Targets Included at ASC)
$100 for first hour
$75 for each additional hour

Group Lessons (Up to 4) (Targets Included at ASC)
Group of 2
$175 for first hour
$150 for each additional hour

Group of 3 
$300 Group of 3 for first hour
$225 for each additional hour for group of 3

Group of 4 
$375 Group of 4 for first hour
$300 for each additional hour for group of 4

Lesson prices do not include shotgun rental. If you would like to rent a shotgun for the lesson, please contact me to discuss.

UPDATE: A golf cart is now included for all lessons. 


I am currently only offering lessons on weekends.

Fridays - Contact me to discuss availability

Saturdays - 9am - 4pm

Sundays - 9am - 4pm

Contact me by email Michael@BMVshootingsports.com or text/call me at 225-571-4151 to check availability and schedule your lesson.